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Departamento de Inglés

Magazine: You will have the opportunity to design a mini-website for the school, and to create the content that will appear on that site. You will: learn how to present information in an attractive manner; create simple web pages; and collect, select, edit and publish information and images that you feel are important for people to know about in English.

FCE Preparation: You will have the opportunity to have extra practice for the First Certificate in English. You will receive specialized help and support, working with practice tests and questions, which follow FCE specifications.

Applying to Universities Abroad: Applying to universities abroad can be an extremely stressful process, but planning ahead of time can make things much easier. You will learn how to have a familiarity with the process of applying. Learn about the SAT and ACT university admission tests. You will learn to write and engaging and personal college admission essays.

La importancia del inglés